Program features

The ©Fish Farm Pro software application is designed to provide tools for successful management of fish ponds, particularly those specializing in trout breeding. It has components supporting feeding management, sorting, sales, statistics, account settlement as well as other aspects pertaining to production centers’ activities.​
The main functionality areas of the program has been expanded to cater for variety of breeding needs and approaches aiming for multilevel financial settlement disposition





The cloud

Placing applications in the cloud has many advantages, mainly its mobility and accessibility from various platforms. Using web browsers, you can access the program’s full functionality from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

So you can use the application with these devices from anywhere in the world, wherever there is access to the Internet. Thanks to this, you can even “take your work home” and still monitor all business aspects i.e. settling trade issues or controlling the farm production. Due to the possibility of assigning several users to the systems, you can itegrate their work together without additional financial expenditures. We take care of all the application’s code updates, security and synchronizations aspects so you can work efficently and without interruptions. The TroutFarm application system performs daily backups to ensure the comfort of the work history maintenance and its integrity.

Security and confidentiality

Having the incumbent and the future users in mind, we have made important decisions about the separation of the application databases.

The basic approach is to have all our customers to log in and operate through individual sub-accounts. The essence of this separation is to provide users with independence, yet to ascertain confidentiality and controlled access to sensitive system data.

In simplified terms, this means giving the administrative rights to farm owners as they are the ones who assign access rights to this application. If our invention is needed, the service account can be activated or deactivated at any time by farm owners.


The hatchery

An extensive TroutFarm addition that guides the breeding process from spawning to populating of fish ponds.

What makes us different?

Anyone who gets to work with the ©Fish Farm Pro application can be confident that he/she is part of a growing global database system that is in tune with our users’ needs.

Define and settle

Define and settle fish fry purchases with the option of full traceability throughout the production process.

Multi-species farm

Simultaneous support of many species of fish within one holding, as well as the possibility of serving several farms within a group.

Complete fish farm management

Restocking, casting, sale, sorting, pigmentation, cleaning . purging, weighing, statistics, FCR, control of treatments, losses, feed inventories etc.

Fish line tracking

Tracking of many fish lines within one fish pond, with a full history of their sorting and origin. this exceptional functionality allows monitoring of any line of purchased fish including their current tank location, their quantities and weight/ weight losses, what feeds / feeds quantities were used, where and when the fish were sold and what fraction of a given sale they constituted. This unique functionality of fish tracking within the farm is the basis for the idea of the after-sale fish traceability.

Optimize farming

Compare used feeds, analyze feed rations, control losses, securely increase stocking. Open up to the opportunities, make the best use of water temperature and feed, reduce the FTR while increasing the SCR.

Feed programs

Defined separately for many fish species, including functional and pigmented feed options. Each species (i.e. irrespective of whether it is the rainbow trout, arctic char, salmon or others) may have its own feed programs with separate feeds and fifferent characteristics of implementation, all within a single feed listing.

Inventory *

Monitor current stock of the feed, chemicals & pharmaceeuticals used, analyze energy consumption.

*- module under development

Cutting edge updates

A new approach to efficiently define and monitor the fish, the required feed and to ensure their tracking.


this program is very intuitive; it does not require any specialized IT knowledge while allowing for designated, customer based and easy to interpret graphical representation.


This program generates document for selected sales from the entire history of the farm, containing a complete overview of the fish sold in a given lot including the origin of the fish lines, their percentage share, treatments performed at all stages of production and the list of feeds and losses.

Convienent and flexible subscription

Based billing system including no binding agreement. Free of charge for the first month.


Each user can choose the preferred language of the interface.

Documentation *

This application has a documentation module, which can be part of the customer’s security and quality policies’ folder (i.e. such as GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council)).

*- module under development

Polish product

This application is a fully Polish product. It was created by fish farmers and programmers. It is constantly upgraded and improved in accordance with the suggestions of its users. In addition, TroutFarm provides quick and dedicated support in case of questions or ambiguities.

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